Wire Stripper Decrustation Pliers Electric Cutter Multifunctional Wire Repair Tool Pliers

Style : 1PC

Wire Stripper Decrustation Pliers Multi Tool Electric Cable Stripper Cutter Multifunctional Wire Repair Tool Pliers


Product features:

1. Precise stripping hole design. When stripping the wire, the incision of the wire skin is neat and the wire core is not easy to be damaged.

2. Using high-quality alloy steel, overall heat treatment, high hardness, cutting edge, strong shearing force, strong and durable.

3. The surface is finely polished and blackened, coated with anti-rust oil, beautiful and easy to rust.

4. PVC coated handle, comfortable to hold, suitable for long-term operation.

5. Suitable for thin cables, stripping, cutting, etc.


Product Specifications:

Material: chrome vanadium steel with black finish

Product size: 19*5cm

Shape: oblique mouth edge

Material: Stainless steel


Packing list:

1 x Stripping pliers