P80 Plasma Cutting Nozzle Protective Cover

Style : A
  • ⚙ SUITABLE FOR: P80 electrode nozzle is used for air plasma cutting machine, which can cut medium and thin metal sheet.

  • ⚙ SMOOTH SURFACE: The consumable plasma nozzle features smooth incision, narrow slit, small thermal deformation, and is easy to clean slag

  • ⚙ HIGH EFFICIENCY: Made of premium metal, the air plasma cutting torch tip has high cutting efficiency.

  • ⚙ NEW UPGRE: Air guide groove and heat dissipation hole design, prevent splash and blowback, can be laminated to steel plate for cutting, no need for guide wheel and porcelain nozzle, the cutting nozzle is more durable and more convenient to use


  • Material: Copper

  • Weight: 100G

  • Size: